Most Relaxing Island? Water Island!

Things to Do / Monday, August 14th, 2017

Honeymoon Beach located on Water Island is unlike any other beach I visited while in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  I know, I told you Coki Beach was the best beach in U.S.V.I. and that it was my favorite, but to be honest, they are tied with each other.  The beaches themselves, and the vibes they offer are on two opposite ends of the spectrum!

Getting There

If you’ve been to St. John, you took a massive double decker ferry over with a lot of people – this is the complete opposite.  You hop on a small ferry and ride over with maybe 10 or so people.  You definitely feel like you’re VIP, going somewhere that is under the radar, while everyone is touching shoulders at the other beaches. >:)

When the ferry reaches Water Island, you’re greeted by a bus and a library – yes, a library!  I loved this, you swap out books when you take a new one.. you get the gist. The bus will drive you to the beach, people have the option to walk as well.

Being There

This beach is lowkey – if you don’t want to be around people, then Water Island/Honeymoon Beach is for you.  The entire time we were there (4-5 hours), there was only about 10-15 people at the beach… at times, we were the only ones in the water!  Not only is it peaceful, but it’s beautiful as well!  I mean, look at the view below.  It was pleasantly surprising, watching the sailboats anchored in front of the glorious mountain view.   I feel like our society is so go, go, go, that it was nice to enjoy the simplicity Water Island had to offer.

Chair Rental?

There is no such thing!  Chairs are free, under the cute, fun bamboo umbrella huts!  Some beaches you have to rent chairs, but not here 🙂  The umbrella huts were probably one of the coolest parts about Water Island – I thought I was in Bora Bora for a minute.


A (my) my man on a mission! ^^

Food and Drink

There is a bar on Water Island and obviously the cocktails are amazing because all island cocktails were amazing.  They have one restaurant and one food truck as well!  We didn’t eat at either, but heard numerous great things about them prior to visiting the island, during the island visit, and after leaving the island!  I heard that Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill has delicious tacos – yum! One of the locals on the island told us about the tacos – we spent a good amount of time chatting with him (more below). You can view Dinghy’s Beach Bar and Grill menu here.  I really wanted to eat here, but right before we got on the ferry, we ordered fried pickles at a restaurant on the dock.

Population and Interesting Facts

A handful of people who snorkeled came out saying they saw sea turtles!  Hours later, there was only one snorkeler – so as he snorkeled Chase and I sat in the water drinking our beer. When the snorkeler started approaching the shoreline, I asked if he saw anything cool – little did I know, he lived on the island and shared a ton of info about Water Island with us!

  • Only about 150-200 people live on the island
  • They have movie nights on the beach
  • They had to chop off the coconuts in the trees so they wouldn’t fall off and knock someone out (lol)
  • If it doesn’t rain, there’s a chance they will run out of water until someone brings water over to the beach (crazy)!
  • He is retired gentleman from the east coast and moved to Water Island with his wife (sounds like a dream)
  • This beach was partially made – the trees were torn down, rocks were brought in, sand was sifted
  • About 50 years ago, there was a hotel on the beach.. until a hurricane ruined it.

That concludes Honeymoon Beach/Water Island! Be sure to check out my thoughts on Limetree Beach, as another beach option!