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Today’s post is going to be a little bit out of the norm – instead of my usual posts about what to do, where to eat, and where to sleep, this will be more of a ‘diary entry,’ if you will, about my trip to St. Louis to visit my best friend, Corinne!

Last weekend was a 10 out of 10; it was the perfect balance of relaxation and fun. I drove to St. Louis on Friday, which is about a five hourish drive. We got lucky with the weather this weekend, it was in the 50s, just a few weeks ago my St. Louis trip was postponed due to an ice/snow storm in Cincinnati (St. Louis was also getting hit with some weather at the time). I get to Corinne’s around 7:00 p.m.

Dinner at Tavolo V

We quickly hopped in Corinne’s car to go to dinner at Tavolo V – a cute italian restaurant on the loop. We got our bread (thank god), ordered a bottle of rosé to split, an order of fried calamari to split. Our waiter comes back with the rosé and pulls it out of the ice bucket, I recognize the branding label (not sure if that’s a good thing, just kidding. hi Nana, I know you’re reading this), he pours us our glasses and we order our entrees – I ordered the funghi pasta (fettuccine in a cream sauce with mushrooms) and Corinne ordered the pomodoro (tomatoes, basil, etc.). We carry on and he brings us our checks and the rosé was $40.00 – we were a little surprised, so we looked up the price at the grocery store and we could have bought three bottles of rose with that price, LOL. Oh well, it was still fun and delicious!

Now, here comes the relaxing part of the weekend.

We went home and watched the new IT – which I was a little hesitant about because I DO NOT like scary movies at all, but the movie wasn’t actually scary, just really disturbing. The cinematography is great. I somehow was able to stay awake until 1:00 a.m. during the whole movie, but as soon as it was over, we were out.

The next morning we watched Moulin Rouge! I had never seen it before – it was such a visually pleasing movie, so many dazzling lights and choreography. After we wrapped that movie up, we headed to the movies (I told you this was relaxing), we saw Maze Runner: The Death Cure. IT IS SO GOOD. This was the third and final Maze Runner movie, we would both recommend it, we loved it and we love Thomas, the main character, you’ll see.

We are bouncing back to the fun part of weekend!

We were going out with Corinne’s friends… Megan and Megan, but needed to eat dinner quickly, so we went somewhere incredibly classy, McDonald’s. But the worst thing happened: we pull up to to the drive thru and in huge permanent marker a sign was written, “NO FRIES ! ! ! ! ! ! !” Are you joking…. then they speaker box turns on, “Hi, welcome to McDonald’s, we are out of fries, so if you want to order still, please proceed.” Okay, whatever, we had to deal with it, but the silverlining here is that the chicken nuggets were phenomenal.. still really wanted their french fries, but.. it was probably for the best, “so yeah, we will take a 20 piece nugget.” We were so serious about us each getting ten nuggets, if one of us ate one more than ten, it was going to be bad. We counted each time. Lol.

Next, we were heading to Megan’s house for a few drinks – it was really fun and reminded me of college. I haven’t been going out a lot lately because 9:01 p.m. is considered late to me, so it was really refreshing. We were also listening to songs they could potentially karaoke to at Double D Karaoke. That place is a recommendation – it gets pretty packed and is a really fun atmosphere that wasn’t out of control and chaotic. Another good balance! I’m finding that balance is important…

We went to one other bar that had a covered patio and then decided Taco Bell was a good idea at 2:00 a.m., so we ordered $30.00 worth of taco bell for myself, Corinne, and Grace. We went home, stuffed our faces, and went to bed, the next thing I know is it’s 6:00 a.m., and I decided to head home so I would have downtime on Sunday to get some stuff together for the week.

My State of Panic

The drive was pretty easy, except I went into a state of panic when I realized the next gas station was 60 miles away and I only had two gallons (which is close to 60 miles, but that’s a LITTLE TOO RISKY FOR ME), especially being in the middle of nowhere, so my heart started racing, I had to shut off the radio, and set my cruise at 55 mph because apparently it’s more efficient for gas. So… I looked up the next gas station, but it was the one I already past! So, I turned on the navigation and was going follow it’s directions, which wasn’t for another eight miles to an exit to turn around, so I decided to do a u-turn in the median… I know, dangerous, luckily it was early so not many people were out. I was still in fight mode, so it is what it is. Okay, so I made it, filled up, got back on the road. I didn’t even stop for Starbucks – proud discipline moment.

home sweet apartment.

I applied castor oil to my hair (i’m experimenting with oils to stimulate hair growth). Two hours went by and I could finally rinse the castor oil out of my hair – Sunday was spent cleaning and getting ready for the week so it would be easy for Chase and myself. I ended last Sunday with Gilmore Girls, stove top popcorn, my fleece robe, two fleece blankets, and my oil diffuser, and favorite apple candle – if that doesn’t sound like the best? I don’t know what does.

But, boy was I wrong about having a smooth week, it was the opposite – three grocery trips to the store!? Proud of us though because we ate fairly healthy all week. Tomorrow I’m making ribs – stay tuned for some photos and recipe recommendations! 🙂

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