Diary Post: January Recap

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Wow, I cannot believe January came, saw, and I conquered it. One week into 2018, I was already feeling defeated, so I didn’t anticipate January being a productive and positive month, but lo and behold.. it was fun, relaxing, and productive.  I thought sharing the good and the bad would inspire me to kick February’s ass… and maybe inspire you as well!

The Productive [GOOD]

  1. I had my annual dermatology exam. I have been putting off all kinds of doctor’s appointments, simply because I guess I don’t feel like it. The longer I (anyone) puts something off, the harder it is to cross of the list because at that point your list is growing. The goal is to make the list shorter!
  2. 10 months later and we finally hung up some home decor, specifically these triangle shelves. I was ecstatic to get them on the wall (and off the floor) and for our apartment to finally feel like a home and less like a hospital room.
  3. Snow, dark, and cold – I continue to get outside to take photos! Everyday I can tell my photography and Lightroom skills are improving. With anything you dream of and aspire to be, it takes dedication and discipline. 
  4. I cooked.. a lot! Stress level was through the roof (short ribs and regular ribs), but anything uncomfortable is growth. For Christmas my parents gave me a dutch oven and I will tell you right now: this is PERFECT for cooking different types of meats. It keeps everything moist (I’m sorry if you hate that word), but it’s TRUE. Currently, trying to perfect the perfect breakfast hash. Making it for a third time this week – stay tuned. 
    had the most intense craving for fried pickles – worth making your own!

    ribs! they were so tender – thank you dutch oven!
  5. 2018 is the year for me to live an active and healthy lifestyle. I started incorporating 50 minute walks into my day about 3-4 times a week on the treadmill with an incline at a medium-fast pace.. Except this week, because I hurt my foot.
  6. I finally bought our parking passes! Not trying to get another $50 ticket for parking in our own neighborhood, LOL. City living = you have to pay for parking.

The Little Things [BRING JOY]

  1. I visited my best friend, Corinne, in St. Louis! It was much needed and hands down one of the best weekends! I cannot wait for my next trip to visit. Hehe. You can read about it here.
  2. I had dinner at Forno (a delicious Italian restaurant) with an old friend. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years, but connected at a New Years Eve wedding. It was long overdue and we spent three hours there! Reminiscing, chatting, and motivating each other to keep learning and growing. Of course, we ate delicious food & shared a bottle of red. Finally.. I’m starting to like red wine. Lol.


  1. Chase and I were excited to watch The Godfather on a Sunday morning, but instead we did a 180 and spent the entire morning drinking coffee and reading for FIVE HOURS. I’m currently reading: Why? Explaining the Holocaust.
  2. Chase and I added a new addition to our little apartment: a cute cactus! We have been adding live plants & fresh flowers to our apartments and love it – it definitely makes it feel more like a home.
  3. My parents came over and spent a Saturday morning with Chase and myself. Chase tried to teach them how to play his Nintendo Switch. And we just drank a lot of coffee.
  4. I finally bought vitamin E oil and castor oil to experiment with hair growth. Sadly, my eyebrows still look like 2005. Stay tuned for this one…
  5. I deactivated my personal Instagram account – I initially thought this would be hard, but honestly think it increased my mood x 1000. I now solely use my travel Instagram account [@twoweekspaidvacation], which brings so much inspiration and joy! I’ve met a handful of new friends on there and can’t wait to meet more!

The Bad

  1. Before traveling to St. Louis, I brought my car into the shop to have it checked. Sadly, that turned into a $400 expense and meant they suggested this and that. The silver lining is that now my car should run smoothly and get me to and from for the next few years!
  2. Chase and I got into a little disagreement about the stupid Steelers. Never thought I would say that, but alas, here I am. It’s been resolved. There was also beer involved, so that never helps. No, we are not Steelers fans.
  3. I am still putting off my annual physical. I just don’t want to go. But I’m going to.
  4. One of my New Years resolutions was to learn about a new country once a week – that hasn’t happened yet, sadly. Right now, I’m going to stick to photography, cooking, and reading. I don’t want to spread myself to thin – so maybe next year.

February Goals

  • continue learning about photography and identifying my “style”
  • make some credit card payments
    • I’ve been SO strict the last couple of weeks. I haven’t gone to Starbucks in over a week… which is a big deal.
  • plan our trip out west! [vegas/colorado/utah/arizona]
  • have my annual physical (wish you could see my facial expression as I type this)
  • Finish my book about the holocaust and watch a documentary about the holocaust (which I started last night).

Anything you accomplished last month or plan to this month? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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